SteamPunk Top Hat DONE!!!


I. AM. DONE. Okay, It was fun…. but when it was all said and done, it was a lot of work! For instance, we made a hat that did NOT fit me whatsoever and we had to make a whole new hat! It’s not a piece of cake… I wish it was, ’cause I’m hungry. But, I love looking at it ’cause it makes me feel good, and I’m like, ” Yeah, I did that. ” Well, onto my next adventure : ).


Hello Everyone!


Hi! You might already know that my name is Chloe! I LOVE makerspace! This summer I, Chloe the steampunk maker, shall go to the ISTE conference, and present on makerspace! I am so excited to explore and see what other people have to say about learning.

My posts will mostly be about makerspace, and when the time comes, I’ll tell you about ISTE. It’s gonna be super fun! If you know of any maker activities, you can post the link in the comment section.

I’ll try these cool activities, and see if kids my age would be interested in doing it. I’ll blog about the activities here and include pictures and videos!