Just for fun, I’m making a steampunk top hat this holiday break and wanted to share it with YOU!  Here are the steps of the hat making.  I’m not done yet so more steps and pictures will come again soon.

1. Get a top hat template online. Choose one with a cool tutorial video like this:

2. Measure your head to get the right hat size

3. Cut out the pattern to be the right size

4. Trace your patterns on a yoga mat (I used a camping mat -worked great but the pattern had to be adjusted due to the thickness)

5. Cut them out with a VERY sharp knife (if you are a kid like me, get your Mom or Dad to help you)

6. Glue the pieces together with contact cement (NOT Rubber Cement) to create the top hat (the pattern will tell you how they fit together)

7. While my camping mat did not require the hairdryer trick in the video to bend the brim, you may need this step if you use another type of foam for the base of the hat

8. Cut craft foam into squares, rectangles, and other shapes and glue to the top hat with contact cement

Here is a picture of my project so far….

Steps to SteamPunk Top Hat (Part 1)

Steps to SteamPunk Top Hat (Part 1)

Next steps will have to wait until next time… I’m too tired to keep working on this tonight.


Hello Everyone!


Hi! You might already know that my name is Chloe! I LOVE makerspace! This summer I, Chloe the steampunk maker, shall go to the ISTE conference, and present on makerspace! I am so excited to explore and see what other people have to say about learning.

My posts will mostly be about makerspace, and when the time comes, I’ll tell you about ISTE. It’s gonna be super fun! If you know of any maker activities, you can post the link in the comment section.

I’ll try these cool activities, and see if kids my age would be interested in doing it. I’ll blog about the activities here and include pictures and videos!